Module 2 – Recording

Module 2: Recording


In this module we’ll take a look at our video “camera”… the Camtasia Recorder.

This program is one of the main tools in the Camtasia Studio video suite and pretty much makes everything possible. After all, you can’t make a video without rolling some footage!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this Module:

  • Steps to Take BEFORE You Record
  • Recording in PowerPoint
  • Recording Your Screen
  • Exploring the Recorder

Watch the Module 2 Video:

CLICK to Watch

Recommended Exercises:

  1. Open the Sample Script (see Resources below)
  2. Do a rehearsal first
  3. Record the PowerPoint slides using the Camtasia add-in
  4. Record rows 4-17 while performing the actions (actions will be slightly behind the narration)
  5. Save to your Recordings/Video folder


Pre-Recording Checklist Sample Script PowerPoint Sample Slides