Module 3 – Editing

Module 3: Editing


Editing in Camtasia Studio is an opportunity to both fix mistakes and add the finishing touches that make an “OK” video great! In this module, we’ll give you the basics, some top tips for looking awesome, and a tutorials for both the Marketing and Training video samples so you can follow these real-world examples.

This is probably the most “intense” module because much of the power that Camtasia provides has to do with all of the things you can do to your recordings in the “edit bay“!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this Module:

  • The Camtasia Studio Editor
  • The Timeline & Editing Workflow
  • Cutting, Splitting, and Moving
  • Title Screens & Transitions
  • Zooms, Pans and Callouts
  • Fixing Mistakes
  • All About Audio

Watch the Editing Module Videos:


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Recommended Exercises:

1. Download and unzip: Michelle’s Sample Exercise Recording Files

2. Download and Import ZIP File in Camtasia Studio: Lon’s Sample Editing Project